Win with Super 6 on Dirrell/Davis Fight

For Anthony Durrell and Kyrone Davis, Saturday night will be all right for fighting.

For you, the WBC Super Middleweight World Title eliminator fight will be another chance to make money while watching the Premier Boxing Champions on FOX (Saturday, 7 p.m.) by playing the FOX Super 6 and winning the $1,000 jackpot.

The 12 round fight between two premier fighters will highlight the televised card which will highlight some of boxing’s best talent.

To play, all you have to do is go to the Fox Super 6 app on your phone or tablet device. When you click on the app, you will see the entry for Saturday night’s fight card. Just go onto the app, swipe for the results for each of the six categories that you think will take place and then watch the fight card to see if you won.

Here are the six questions that you will have to answer:

What will be the outcome of the Jesus Alejandro Ramos vs. HJesus Borjorquez fight?

The choices are Ramos KO/TKO, Ramos Decision, Draw/Any Other Outcome, Bojorquez KO/TKO and Bojorquez Decision.

 Ramos is considered one of the rising stars in the welterweight as the 19 year old has a 14-0 record with 13 knockouts against the 33 year old with a 24-2 record with 18 knockouts. How Bojorquez handles the southpaw could go a long way to determining this fight.

How many rounds will the Ramos vs. Bojorquez fight go?

The choices are 1-3 Rounds, 4-5 Rounds, 6-7 rounds, 8 rounds, 9 rounds or 10 rounds.

 Ramos’ last four fights have ended in six rounds or less. In fact, his first nine fights as a professional didn’t last past the second round. In his career, Bojorquez has only been knocked out once however and his last four fights have been decided by knockouts or TKO’s in the fourth round or less.

What round will the first knockdown occur in the Dirrell vs. Davis fight?

The choices are 1st or 2nd round, 3rd or 4th round, 5th or 6th round , 7th or 8th round, 9th or 10th round or 11th or 12th round

Dirrell has knockouts in 67 percent of his fights in his 33-2-1 record.  However, it’s been three years since he had a knockdown. Davis is not known as a knockout artist- only six in his 17 fights.

How many rounds will the Dirrell vs. Davis fight go?

The choices are 1-5 rounds, 6-7 rounds, 8-9 rounds, 10 rounds, 11 rounds or 12 rounds

Again, this isn’t a fight that is going to necessarily going to end quick. Davis’ TKO of Antonio Todd in his last fight on Jan. 18 was the first one not to go the distance in almost three years – Nov. 12, 2016. The earliest that Dirrell’s fight has sended since 2017 was the 6th round- two retired.

Which boxer will have more Punches Landed by the end of the fight?

Direll, Davis or Tie

Davis has the reputation of being the more active fighter, willing to bob and weave to land a ton of punches. It will be up to Direll to try to land heavier blows as opposed to the volume of some..

What will be the outcome of the Plant vs. Truax Fight?

Dirrell wins by KO/TKO, Dirrell wins by decision, Draw, Davis wins by KO/TKO or Davis wins by decision

FOXBet has the odds at minus-333 in Dirrell’s favorite – a $333 bet for him would yield a $100 win. Davis  is the underdog at +250 (a $100 bet on him would yield $250 winnings.) Still, this has a chance to be a very entertaining and interesting night of boxing with an upset very possible.